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There are no long term contracts with Awesome Computing for web site hosting.  We use the following month to month agreement.  This agreement provides for the following: Awesome Computing will provide an up and running Internet presence in good faith, for which we will provide a monthly invoice for services rendered.   Our Customers agree to pay Awesome Computing by the 15th of each month.  Payments received after this time will incur a $10 late fee.  Web sites for accounts that fall behind in payment greater than 60 days will be turned off, until payment is made in full and the account is brought back to good standing.



Annual Charges:

$50 Domain Registration Fee, due 30 days before the month of renewal


Initial Setup Charges:

$150 Home page plus up to three static child pages, ie. About Us, Contact Us, Services/Products, Links, References, etc.


Monthly Charges:

$25 Web hosting, includes up to 5 Email accounts

$25 Additional Email hosting for up to 10 Email accounts beyond the first 5


Enhancement Charges:

$25 per additional pages added to the site

$75 per hour for programmed pages, where the data changes due to entries in a database

-         Programmed pages include setup of database for information to be displayed and management pages to allow user to update database information.





To setup a New web site

To setup a new web site, we will need three of four web site addresses for desired functionality and/or look and feel for the new site.  We will come up with a possible web site look that meets your request and present it for your approval.


Initial charges of $200 provides for a one year domain registration, the home page and up to three static child informational pages.  Additional pages will be charged as listed above.


Monthly charges of $25 provides Internet presence and up to 5 email accounts.  Additional Email accounts will add $25 in groups of up to 10.


Changes to existing sites:

When new pages are required, we will discuss the need, make recommendations and corroborate on the additions.  There are no additional charges for corroboration.  Once approved, we will add those pages to the site following the schedule listed under enhancements above.


By the way, no NERDS here!

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