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Hello, my name is John Scott Davis. If you have done business with me for any length of time, you have heard me repeat this slogan time and time again.  I honestly believe that attitude is a choice.  How, you may wonder?

Following my freshman year at The University of Texas, at Austin, I decided to stay and work in Austin.  It was then that I met the woman who would soon become my wife.   Her influence and great faith made me realize that I needed so much more than simply an education.  I realized that I needed a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I was saved in the spring of 1985 and surrendered to serve the Lord in full time service, where-ever He would lead.

It is through that relationship with Him and following His leadership in my life that has brought me to where I am today.  He has given me both the aptitude and ability to effectively work on computers, networks and related systems.   Additionally, He has given me the desire to share what He has done for me, with others.  This is the reason for Awesome Computing.  I have dedicated this business to Him and its success to His glory.

Since I have been saved, I have always thought that no matter what I do, my life should show Jesus in such a way that others would want Him in their lives also.   This has been recently re-emphasized through a men's Bible study which I attend. The Pastor and speaker said that what you do professionally does not define you.  What you do merely facilitates your ability to be involved in ministry.  Therefore, we are ALL in full time ministry.  I love what I do, and if God allows me the opportunity, I will share His love with whom I come into contact.

This business will rise and fall depending on God's desires.   Whether there is computer work to do, or not, I will give Him the praise and glory.  Why Awesome?  Awesome because of Him.  I am awesome, because of what He has given to me.  Because of the opportunity that He affords me to be involved in leading others to Him.  Because of what lies in store for me after this life.   You see, I can choose to be happy, and choose not to fear what the future might bring.   My Saviour looks out for me.  He will for you too....and that is AWESOME !!

A Word From God, taken from roadside billboards.

Announcement, taken from a local Jeruselem paper.

By the way, no NERDS here!

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